Write the Mayor

Now CBGB needs your help to keep its doors open


CBGB does not own their space. The building is owned by SF Associates and rented to the Bowery Resident's Committee (BRC). The BRC rents the entire building for aprox. $16,000 a month and charges CBGB's aprox $19,000 a month for their space (about half the building). The BRC is no small non-for-profit organization, they are a $25 million dollar a year group that receives over $15 million dollars from the city and state.

The BRC also claims that CBGB has not paid their full rent for three years. In fact, the BRC has not properly billed CBGB for those years AND has not provided heat.

The BRC is currently not negotiating with CBGBs for a new lease which expires August 31, 2005. They also have both properties listed and available on the Real Estate MLS for anyone else who wishes to rent 313 and 315 Bowery.

Please write Mayor Bloomberg at:

Draft Letter
The Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg
Mayor of New York City
City Hall
New York, N.Y. 10007

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

We ask that you use your influence to ensure that CBGB's receives a new lease from the Bowery Resident's Committee (BRC). CBGB's is not only a cultural icon, it is an important tourist destination. Furthermore, the rock bands it has developed, including legends such as the Ramones, Blondie, the B52s, the Talking Heads, and the Police, as well as new bands such as the Strokes, have generated thousands of jobs for the citys music industry.

The BRC is non-profit charity almost exclusively funded by the city and state, and it would be inappropriate for taxpayer money to be used to evict this important NYC landmark.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Call The Mayor's Office
PHONE in NYC 311
(or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)

FAX Mayor Bloomberg at: (212) 788-2460

and e-mail him directly through www.nyc.gov

Please be polite, he just needs to be made aware of how important this issue

Thank You.

CBGB supports the work of the BRC and is willing to work with them to reach an agreement and even assist the BRC in their mission to help the homeless – But now the BRC will not even talk to CBGB.